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Hi! Thanks for visiting Draw Near to God

My name is Gwen Meharg and I have been exploring the relationships between art, creativity and faith since I was a girl growing up in the heart of the Texas Hill Country. My vision of incorporating art and faith crystalized as I left corporate life to focus on art and family. Incorporating home education into our lifestyle even enable us to move to Poland for six months in 2004. The trip ended with a large solo show at the city palace. Best field trip ever!

Through personal connections and the magic of the internet my prophetic art has spread across the globe to 54 nations. Draw Near To God's over 500 images is the fruit of years of dedicated study and studio time.

People ask me what kind of art I do and there is not a simple answer. Different traditions use different terminology to describe the same works of art: prophetic art, religious art, biblical art, spiritual art, Christian art, sacred art, contemplative art.

The art rises out of my relationship with God and biblical scripture. Because the paintings speak of God's heart for humanity, the paintings are not limited to use by Christians.

I am a Christian (not a very good one) and I make art. My goal is not to make Christian paintings, my goal is to make paintings that tell intriguing stories. Good paintings that invite the viewer into a place of contemplation, prayer, mystery. That so many of these stories are tied to scripture is because art reflects life and faith is a major component of my life. The paintings tell good stories. Maybe even good news.

Draw Near To God is my business as well as my prophetic ministry. Paintings and prints are available for purchase. If schedules align I paint and speak at conferences, meetings, and worship services. Non-profits are invited to use images of my paintings free of charge. (Please include a short description and backlink when you are using the images and send me an email to see how you are using them. Thank you.)

It is not a traditional business plan, but tradition has never been a high priority for me. The internet and God's grace have allowed this "stay at home artist mom" the flexibility to travel nationally and internationally, to paint as part of corporate worship experiences, and share God's heart through prophetic words and the arts.

Every day is an adventure. My goal is to tell stories that radiate and give expression to truth.

New stories as old as humanity and old stories new in the telling.

The Parables of Jesus are an endless source of mystery, inspiration, and truth. The Parables of Jesus reflect the complexity of "simple truth."

Truth, while absolute, can be imagined as a pearl. We see what we see. Part of the pearl will be in sharp focus, while the edges recede. Most of the pearl is actually hidden from view. The bounce light on the surface of the pearl reflects the surrounding environment. Truth, while absolute, is seldom simple.


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